Airport Advertising

There is not another media that can allow your business
so many options for marketing all in one space!
The value is overwhelming.

Since you own the space, your message can
change as the needs of your business changes

Welcome to Interspace Airport Advertising

We’re excited to announce that, as of September 2017, Interspace Airport Advertising is now a part of Bishopp – Australia’s largest privately owned out of home advertising company.

The purchase sees our client offering expand into the large format billboard market, with more than 800 new opportunities for our clients on both sides of the Tasman.

Our commitment is to create the most successful advertising programmes to deliver your message to current and prospective customers.

Interspace markets predominantly local origin and destination airports that create opportunities for powerful national or regional campaigns of all sizes.  We manage advertising in 25 airports throughout Australia and New Zealand, with our connection to our parent company Clear Channel  Outdoor creating a network of over 270 airports around the world.

With a reputation for being industry experts and a track record that is second to none, Interspace develops and markets innovative airport media programmes and provides our advertisers and airport partners with the best service in the industry.

Have you thought about trying airport advertising?

With airline travel remaining remarkably consistent throughout the year, passengers are a captive
audience as they have to pass through significant holding areas of the airport such as ticketing, security and baggage claim.  With all passengers following common paths through the terminal, this allows us to target your preferred audience.

Airline passengers in airports tend to spend money and make decisions in their local community.  A high level of this highly desirable captive audience are the business decision makers because corporate executives often fly out of smaller airports regardless of the ticket cost – it is a matter of convenience because time is money!

Calling in New Zealand  -  0800 422 699
Calling in Australia  -  1800 072 430

Calling Locally  -  03 546 8110 / Fax: +64 3 546 8115