Interspace Airport Advertising

Why Airport Advertising

  • It’s the hardest working media - Your Ad will be present 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day, you will have a constant presence in front of your audience. With clever use of quality graphics, colour, and lighting, all working  harder for your dollar.
  • Has the most captive audience- The airport has the most captive audience with an average wait time of 55 minutes before the flight and a 15-25 minutes wait in baggage claim, giving your message a long time to affect your audience.
  • Has highest income demographics- The income level of the people that travel through the airport is higher than any other facility in your area. These people also spend more money on leisure and luxury items.
  • Is the most targeted geographic media-Most of the executives who travel are decision-makers  for  their companies. When targeting business and doing “image orientated” advertising, the airport covers most of the local and many national business leaders. If your goal is to target the business audience or upper income group in your market, airport advertising is your best buy.
  • Has the lowest cost per thousand- Airport advertising is economical. You get a low cost per thousand and the message is delivered by high visible graphics; with the largest single audience available in any market versus TV, radio and newspaper.

Client Testimonials

“We are competely satisfied and reccomend Interspace to other Airports”
Graeme Kanofski
CEO, Gladstone Calliope Aerodrome

“The results are very satisfying and have met our hightest expectations.”
Tervor Heard
GM Mackay Airport

“Our advertising program was undertaken in a very professional manner and we are delighted with the finished product.”
Larry Monk
Manager Tourism & Economic Development
Hervey Bay City Council

“We chose Interspace to lead this project based on their international reputation as a creative, dependable airport advertising managment organisation. We enjoyed our experience of working with the Interspace Team - they have exceeded our expectations.”
John McCall
Chief Executive
Dunedin International Airport

With all these positives in mind, it’s easy to see that having an airport presence will work hard for you on many different levels.

Airports are critical to the local economy.

Over 30 locations across AustralasiaWith airline travel remaining remarkably consistent throughout the year, Passengers are a captive audience  having to pass through significant holding areas of the airport such as ticketing, security and baggage claim. Different sized displays can reach a larger percentage of traffic in each airport as all passengers follow common paths. Regional passenger traffic numbers are not double counted as they are in hub airports, Audience is expanded with well-wishers and ‘meeters & greeters’.. Airline passengers in airports tend to spend money and make decisions in their local community. A high level of this highly desirable captive audience are the business decision makers.. i.e. Corporate executives often fly out of smaller airports regardless of the ticket cost…it is a matter of convenience because time is money!

There is not another media that can allow your business so many options for marketing all in one space! The value is overwhelming. Since you own the space, your message can change as the needs of your business changes.